We love Prince Edward County and are eager to share, not only our home with you, but all the great things The County has to offer! We invite you to relax in our outdoor sauna or by the bonfire at night, to hike the dunes, swim and tan at the beaches, and capture it all with the Instax camera we lend you during your stay. Star gaze, sip on local wines and beers by visiting over 45 wineries and breweries... and leave the city & work far behind. Scroll down to see why each season is a good time to visit #countyallyear

Winter at The Wilfrid boutique farmhouse Prince Edward County


A great time to refuel and reconnect. Explore the beaches and forest trails on foot, slide down the sand dunes on our crazy carpets or trek out on snowshoes (we even have a couple pairs you can borrow). Go wine tasting, try some new restaurants, catch an art show or a play and come back to sweat it out in our sauna. We've connected with ice fishing aficionados that can take you out for a day of fishing this winter! They will shuttle you to your heated cabin on the lake, drill holes for you and even supply the bait. Just drop us a line when you book your room and we'll go over all the details with you! (Ice fishing starts at $60/pers)

Spring at The Wilfrid boutique farmhouse Prince Edward County


An explosion of colours. Roads lined with wild lilacs and pear trees in bloom, the fragrance alone is worth rolling down the car windows to take it all in. Better yet, head out for a walk, you might end up finding morel mushrooms or ramps. No worries if you don't, we'll be serving them up for breakfast when we go out foraging along with our rum aged Maple Syrup. It's also the time to eat asparagus that have been picked just minutes before. There's nothing like it, Spring in The County has the energy level of a puppy!

Summer at The Wilfrid boutique farmhouse Prince Edward County


Everything to be cool in the hottest months, all on one island. There is so much happening in the summer months, from beaches to farmer's markets to festivals and outdoor activities; we'll guide you so you don't miss a beat. Be a part of it all and then come back to the peaceful oasis of The Wilfrid. Let yourself be swayed by the breeze and birds in the hammock or sit in the big barn, look out on the hay bales in the field while sipping a glass of your favourite County wine. Go see what's growing in our vegetable and herb gardens, chances are it will make an appearance at the breakfast table.

Fall at The Wilfrid boutique farmhouse Prince Edward County


Harvest season. Everything that was sown in the Spring and Summer months seems to come full circle come Autumn. The vineyards are pressing their precious grapes, the farmer's markets are overflowing with produce. At The Wilfrid, we will be harvesting our first yield of Riesling this Fall, serving melons, tomatoes, kale and squash from our garden. We encourage you to escape to the forest pathway at every chance you get to admire the changing leaves. The beaches are quieting down but the water is still warm well into mid-fall.