spè candles
  • spè candles


    SPÈ candles are individually hand-poured and each scent is artisanally curated by Scottish/Prince Edward County resident candlemaker Yvonne Duncan-Mandel.

    Made from 100% natural ingredients and sustainably resourced luxury soy wax. You will find no fragrance oils in these candles, so breathe easy!


    Two intoxicating scents to choose from:


    Whisky + Smoke

    Amber whisky notes of honey, smoked oak, malted vanilla and rich spices in a heady fusion of rich resinous benzoi, spicy ginger and smoky birch. Notes of comforting cedarwood.



    Capture crushed lavender flowers wrapped in cool sensual vetiver grass, fused with a mere of whisp of creamy vanilla.

    Created to envelope your space with simplicity and a soothing air of relaxation.

    • 200 ml.  35 hours burn time.