• steep ready chaga and decaf coffee


    30 ml


    We discovered chaga while foraging in Prince Edward County. This mushroom grows off the trunk of birch trees in northern climates and when brewed into a hot beverage is basically nature's super food. This is a mix of organic decaf coffee, cinnamon and chaga for a super tasty, caffeine-free, dark and mellow cup. It's also a great way to reduce caffeine intake. 

    Chaga is an amazing immune system booster that normalizes cholesterol levels with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxydant, anti-gastritis and anti-aging properties.

    Sustainably harvested and sourced by us, we have dried it and ground it into a powder, ground up the coffee and cinnamon for quick and easy cup on-the-go.


    • for one cup of chaga coffee: put 1 teaspoon of chaga-coffee powder in a reusable tea bag or loose leaf tea infuser. Pour boiling water, let steep 3-4 minutes and enjoy.

      for a french press: put 4 teaspoons of chaga-coffee powder in the french press. Pour boiling water, let sit 3-4 minutes, stir, press and enjoy.

      You can add milk, make a latté or drink it straight, the same way you would with coffee. You can keep adding boiling water over steeped chaga-coffee as long as the resulting beverage is still dark like black coffee.

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