Leave that city stress behind. Our spa retreat was designed to ease the body and soul, surrounded by trees and barns with stunning views on the fields. A changing cabin, relaxation room, cooling pool, outdoor shower and wood fired sauna are all connected by an illuminated wood pathway. Our barrel cedar sauna packs a lot of heat. With plenty of room inside for 4 to sit comfortably, you'll enjoy the privacy of a scandinavian spa experience unlike any other. Enter the still retreat of the sauna. Feeling hot? Step outside and follow the illuminated boardwalk towards the cooling pool, the rain shower or tuck into the relaxation room. Don't forget to look up at the stars, enjoy the silence and take your time moving from hot to cold and back again. Feel better, look better and sleep better thanks to the pampering effects of the sauna.

HOW TO BOOK THE SCANDINAVIAN SPA When booking your stay online you will have the option of adding Scandinavian Sauna Experience to your room. Price is $40/person.

THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF A SAUNA EXPERIENCE include muscle relaxation, improved cardiovascular health, the release of endorphins (that after-sauna glow), reductions in stress level, ease of breathing, a deeper sleep, reduced risks of colds and improved skin appearance. Not to mention saunas just feel great!

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