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Reinterpreting the bed & breakfast experience in Prince Edward County

Chef brunch at The Wilfrid Bed & Breakfast in Prince Edward County


Come share our passion for local ingredients, creative cuisine, and fine wine. 

Start each day with an unrivaled chef prepared brunch. Treat yourself to late day caviar and oyster platters, and pick up a bottle from our curated cellar. 
Get ready to let your taste buds travel.



we call it "dinner at the wrong time of day"
Forget your preconceived notions of breakfast and get set for an elevated multi-course brunch – it's included in the price of your stay. The ingredients are local and sustainably sourced but the culinary inspirations travel far and wide. Chef and owner Frank switches it up each morning and makes sure everyone from paleo to plant-based is looked after. His partner, Nancy, serves you on handcrafted dishware to the sound of her curated playlists.
Join the other guests at the harvest table to share in this sensory experience.
The Wilfrid farm to table brunch


treat yourself to a pre-dinner platter
After brunch, most guests skip lunch and go straight through to an early dinner. Why not come back to The Wilfrid for a late-day platter of caviar or two-dozen freshly shucked oysters? You'll have the option to add one or both of these platters to your booking. Take it up a notch with a bottle of Champagne from our cellar, cause you know how to do it right!
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Caviar service at The Wilfrid luxury Bed & Breakfast in Prince Edward County
where the mini-bar is actually a maxi-bar
When you stay in an accommodation with a vineyard you sort of expect wine to be a focus. The Cellar is Frank's personal wine collection. As a sommelier, he carefully selects each bottle, creating an ever evolving array of light bodied reds, crisp sparklings, and whites that will make your tongue dance. With over 75 references from near and far it might look a little daunting but these are all super easy drinking wines. Not much of a wine enthusiast? Rest assured, The Cellar also has local beers, ciders, cocktails and some creative non-alcoholic options. Simply come down, we'll chat and find something you'll like!
we take our hot beverages seriously
Our coffee is a blend of two organic and fair-trade beans sourced through our Kingston roaster North Roast. Our teas are a rotating selection of single crop loose leaf green, black teas and some beautiful herbal blends from Camellia Sinensis in Montreal, as well as chaga from Quebec foragers. During brunch you'll have a bottomless choice of your preference.
If you would like coffee or tea outside brunch, we offer an italian moka coffee or french press tea service with cookies for a small room charge.
Coffee service at The Wilfrid

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