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Reinterpreting the bed & breakfast experience in Prince Edward County




• Your electronic door code to unlock the guest entrance during your stay will be the last 4 digits of the phone number you gave us upon booking followed by # (number sign).

• Look out for our online quiz in an email called “Your upcoming stay – a few things we'd like to know” in your inbox (sometimes it falls in the spams). It gives us cues on your approximate time of arrival and some of your likes and dislikes to help us customize your experience. Fill it out at least a few days before your stay.

• We are known for our elaborate brunches. This is served at either 8:00 am or 9:30 am each morning of your stay and lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours. You will be able to indicate your preferred time, as well as any food restrictions and/or allergies on your online quiz.

• We have two hand sanitizing stations, one at the side entrance and one upstairs near the bar fridge. We deep clean rooms between bookings. We simply ask that you respect the check-out time of 11 am to allow this to be done in time for the next guests to check in.

Check ins are from 3pm – 9pm. On our guest survey you will be able to indicate at what time we should expect you, if it is past 9pm, we will text you instructions for a self check-in. If you are running off schedule for your check-in, we would appreciate it if you could text us at 438-390-2505 to give us an update;)

• If you are planning on using our Sauna facilities, you will want to bring your bathing suits, flip-flops and/or bathrobes. We supply extra towels and bottles of water. If you booked the sauna with your stay, please schedule your sauna session through this link. If you did not pre-book your sauna, you simply need to let us know once you are on site keeping in mind that it takes at least 1.5 hours to prep the sauna and pools for a session. Sessions are 2 hours and private. Each session is $80/person plus applicable taxes. Please note that sauna sessions are non-refundable.

• You can travel light - we have yoga mats for you to borrow as well as umbrellas. Your room has a bluetooth speaker and our library is stocked full of reading material as well as a large smart tv with all your favourite viewing apps already loaded and ready to go.

• If you are planning on going to Sandbanks Provincial Park (Sanbdbanks beach or Dunes Beach) during your stay you will need to reserve a day-use pass for your vehicle by filling out the form online and printing it out to place on your dashboard. This ensures that you will have access to the park and speed up the entrance process. If ever you change your mind, be kind and cancel your reservation to free up your spot and allow someone else the chance to gain access to the park.


• We encourage you to try some of the area's amazing restaurants. Prince Edward County is a food-centric destination.There are, however, no food delivery services in the area. For any take-away dinners you can eat on the premises in the library, or at one of our many outdoor seating areas.

• The Wilfrid Cellar (our scaled up version of a mini-bar) is stocked with a selection of our favourite international wines as well as a few local ones, cocktails, seltzers, mocktails, and beers. So, if you forgot to pick up a bottle, or want to try something new, we have you covered.

• We have a caviar menu and you can also pre-order a 2-dozen oyster platter to be served at The Wilfrid (see dining options below for more info), because, you know, we want you to eat the good stuff!

We ask that guests refrain from wearing perfume during their stay and put their cell phones away at the breakfast table. Let the smell of the food be your perfume and get social without the media!

• We make every effort to be as sustainable and eco-responsible in our hosting and day-to-day activities. You can read more about The Wilfrid's mindset and mission here. Please refrain from bringing single use plastic water bottles along with you, your room has lovely glasses and the tap water is filtered, soften and purely delicious!



• You will want to bring casual attire, a cooler (to bring home cheeses, and fresh veg from our local producers), beach towels, beach blankets and good walking shoes. Days at the local beaches, nature parks and walks in the forest pathway behind the farmhouse are a great escape from the city. The vibe here in Prince Edward County is very laid back, you can leave those stilettos at home!

• Prince Edward County is a sprawling rural island, it is almost twice the size of Toronto, with winding roads. Everything is usually 20 minutes drive to anything else. There's no reason to feel rushed though, just plan out your day accordingly knowing that hamlets from east to west are: Cressy, Waupoos, Picton, Bloomfield, Wellington, Hillier, Consecon. The Wilfrid is located in Milford a 12 minute drive south of the main town, Picton.

• Gas stations are located along Picton Main Street and Wellington Main Street. Make sure you have enough gas when you set out for the day. There are new generation electric charging stations at Crystal Palace in Picton (375 Picton main Street), The Bloomfield Parking Lot (257 Bloomfield Main Street), and in Wellington (111 Belleville Street). You can also find charging stations at many of the wineries including Waupoos Winery, Harwood Estate Vineyard, Sandbanks Winery, Traynor and Huff Estates as well as Prinzen Ford in Bloomfield. If you have an EV that you would like to charge overnight at The Wilfrid, there is a $16/night charging fee.

• When you cross someone in a car or walking down a country road it is polite to make eye contact, smile and wave by holding up your index and middle fingers. This is known as The County wave, you'll see locals doing this from their steering wheels.

HOT TIP: Download the Passport Parking App. It’s the paid parking system used across The County and at Quinte Conservation areas. There are also no-charge public parking lots in Picton and Bloomfield.


• GETTING AROUND WORRY-FREE  Cab it to dinner by pre-booking a ride at least a few hours in advance with The Taxi Guy (613) 403-2766 or downloading the Uride App and have a local drive you. You can usually get a Uride reserved approximately 1hour to 45 minutes before you need to leave The Wilfrid and quite quickly once you are in town to come back.


Please keep in mind our multi-course brunch should keep you well fed for the day. Guests often stop for a late day bite or opt for one of The Wilfrid afternoon offerings for a little pre-dinner nibble. Go ahead and skip those lunch reservations;)

The double dozen oyster platter.

Exclusively available at The Wilfrid. A 24 oysters platter with condiments. ($96) shucked and served between 3pm-7:30pm. Please order at least 3 days in advance by getting in touch with us:


The Wilfrid caviar platters.

Exclusive to The Wilfrid. Our caviar platter includes 50g of ossetra caviar, hard boiled local farm eggs, sour cream, home made brioche bread and onions. Served between 3pm-7:30pm. It can be ordered on-site as a pre-dinner appetizer, simply allow 3 hours for preparation and service.


Sujeo Korean restaurant (Picton, 15 minutes) Lunch & Dinner Tues.–Sat.


Beacon Bike and Brew (Picton, 15 minutes) Lunch and coffee. 7 days a week

Lily's Cafe (Picton, 15 minutes) Lunch and coffee. 7 days a week

Luso Bites (Picton, 15 minutes) Lunch and coffee. Thurs.-Tues.


Crepe Escape (Picton, 15 minutes) Lunch Wed.-Sun.

The Commissary at Base31 (Picton, 15 minutes) Outdoor lunch 7 days a week.

Julez (Picton, 15 minutes) Grab n' go lunch and smoothies. Wed.-Mon.

Slickers (Picton, 15 minutes + Bloomfield, 25 minutes) County-made ice cream. Tues.-Sun.

Black River Market (Milford, 10 minutes) Artisan food market with fresh County-made gelato and sorbet. 7 days

Cressy Market (Waupoos, 15 minutes) Outdoor lunch market with the best local fish tacos. 7 days

Creekside Cafe (Wellington, 35 minutes) Lunch. Fri.–Tues.

Citizen Frances (Bloomfield, 25 minutes) Coffee and bites. Thurs.–Mon.

Rise Coffee House (Wellington, 35 minutes) Coffee and bites. 7 days a week.


The food scene in Prince Edward County has really come a long way since we moved here 9 years ago. We highly recommend advanced reservations for your dinners for any day of the week. Guests are often surprised at how busy these spots are at all times. Here are our favourite dinner restaurants, and a bit of why we love them.

Flame + Smith (Bloomfield, 20 minutes) Thurs-Mon.

Chef Hidde has taken farm-to-table to a whole new level by planting the restaurants' own vegetable, fruit and herb garden just blocks away. Expect creative well executed dishes, everything cooked on an open flame (including their homemade sourdough), the freshest seafood and oysters.

TOP TIP: order lots of appetizers and save room for dessert


Theia  (Picton, 15 minutes) Thurs-Sun.

Is it a restaurant or a wine bar? Who cares, it's intimate and fun! This newbie on the Picton restaurant scene has quickly become one of our favourites. Everything Chef Myles prepares is locally sourced, creative and beautifully presented. Watch him effortlessly pull out dishes from behind the bar, and let the knowledgeable servers guide you through the areas' best wine list.

TOP TIP: Book a later seating and dine under the disco ball.

Pasta Onesta (Picton, 15 minutes) Tues.–Sun. + open for lunch on Fri. -Sat.

It takes a lot for us to be wooed by pasta. Chef Martin has done it. A tiny restaurant (18 seats) and a tucked away patio has made this, THE best place to enjoy fresh pasta in The County. The menu changes often to highlight the season's freshest local ingredients.

TOP TIP: If there's a salad of some kind on the menu start off with it.

Stella’s Eatery (Waupoos, 15 minutes) Mon. - Sat.

The most "County" dining experience. The only restaurant surrounded by farmers' fields just steps away from the water. Casual atmosphere, fun service staff and a chalkboard menu (aka fresh and local).

TOP TIP: Get a table on the patio and watch the tractors and farmers drive by.

Gather at Wander (Bloomfield, 30 minutes) 7 days a week

This modern resort restaurant surprises with beautifully crafted dishes. The dining room is glassed and looks out to West Lake. 

TOP TIP: Be adventurous with your menu choices.


Hartley’s Tavern (Picton, 15 minutes) Wed-Sat.

A family run restaurant by a family who know what they're doing! Their young son heads up the kitchen and pours his heart and soul into everything he makes. Lots of love in every dish. Don't get fooled by the name "Tavern" this is no dive-bar, think New-York style Bistro.

TOP TIP: Get a table on the patio and add fries to whatever you order.

Bocado Tapas bar (Picton, 15 minutes) 7 days a week.

Traditional spanish tapas and paella. Lots of small sharing plates, great options for seafood lovers and vegetarians too.

TOP TIP: Get a seat at the bar, dinner and a show!


The Royal Hotel Restaurant (Picton, 15 minutes) 7 days a week

The hotel feels like Manhattan just landed in Picton but the vibe is very much laid-back Brooklyn. The menu is simple, traditional with a mix of italian and american bistro (crowd pleaser items). Everything is well executed and the space is beautiful.

TOP TIP: Dine out on the back patio, come early and have a pre-dinner cocktail from the outdoor converted mini-trailer.

Merrill House (Picton, 15 minutes) Tues - Sat.

French burgundian cuisine in Prince Edward County. Fitting as our terroir is quite similar to Burgundy's. Classic fare, in a dress-up for dinner kind of restaurant. Great wine list to boot.

TOP TIP: Dress up, park your car on Picton Main street and walk to The Merrill to show off your new shoes.



The Russ & Co Cocktail Bar (Picton, 15 minutes) Wed – Sun.


The Royal Hotel Parlour Bar (Picton, 12 minutes) 7 days a week.


Adega Wine bar (Consecon, 40 minutes) Thurs. – Sat.

Bar Duchess (Wellington, 35 minutes) Thurs. – Mon.

Decanter PEC (Wellington, 35 minutes) Thurs. – Mon.

Old Salt Cocktails (Hillier, 35 minutes) Outdoor Cocktail Lounge 7 days - 12pm to 5pm.


With over 40 boutique wineries in Prince Edward County it can be hard to choose which ones to visit. Here are our personal favourites, small owner run operations that pride themselves on locally grown varietals. Tasting rooms are mostly open year round but it is always preferable to call ahead for winter visits.

Exultet (Milford, 15 minutes walk)


Lighthall Vineyards (Cherry Valley, 5 minutes) + Sheep’s milk cheeses


Hubb’s Creek Vineyard (Hillier, 35 minutes) tastings by appointment only


Stanners (Hillier, 35 minutes)

Last House Vineyard (Hillier, 40 minutes) - by appointment only

Stoss Lee Wines (Bloomfield, 25 minutes) - tasting room shared with Stock and Row Cider

Closson Chase (Hillier, 35 minutes)

Morandin Wines (Wellington, 40 minutes)


Hinterland Wine (Hillier, 35 minutes)

Domaine Darius (Bloomfield, 30 minutes)


Slake Brewing (Picton, 10 minutes)+ food on site


Matron Fine Beer (Bloomfield, 25 minutes) + food on site


All My Friends Beer Co (Bloomfield, 25 minutes)

Prince Eddy’s Brewing Co (Picton, 15 minutes)

Parson’s Brewing Co (Picton, 20 minutes) + food on site


Gillingham Brewing Co (Bloomfield, 25 minutes)


Midtown Brewing Co (Wellington, 30 minutes) + restaurant on site


Stock and Row Cider (Bloomfield, 25 minutes)

County Cider (Waupoos, 20 minutes)

Wildlot Farm Distillery (Picton North, 30 minutes)

Bare Bones Distillery (Hillier, 35 minutes)

Stillus Craft Spirits (Bloomfield, 25 minutes)


Kinsip House of Fine Spirits (Bloomfield, 25 minutes)




Zest Kitchen Shop


Books & Company


Savon du bois





Kelly’s Shop


KC's Closet

City Revival

Shop 302


Coriander Girl antiques & plants


Cylinder Shop

Early Grey Fleurs

Fridays Cannabis


Prince Edward County t-shirt Co.

Yellow Door


Fat Face

Arts on Main Gallery

Agrarian Market

Rosehaven Yarn Shop



Keep County



Wandering Albatross Books

Green Gables

Cardinal Farmhouse (upstairs inside Green Gables)

Cannery Row

Twenty Seven Pec

County Traders



• Get e-bikes delivered to The Wilfrid for day use ($100/bike) or bring your own and cycle to three of the most spectacular nature conservation areas in PEC, Little Bluff  Long Point Bird Observatory and Monarch Point Conservation Area. The prettiest places for a nature walk and beach swims in The County and all within a few kms of The Wilfrid. For e-bike rental service simply shoot us an email at least 3 days prior to your arrival for us to coordinate the delivery.

Pick up local fruit, veg, cheeses, meats, handmade soaps, and more from our favourite farm stand Vicki's Veggies Hagermans and Laundry Farms (all farms open May through November). If you're here on a weekend, be sure to check out Wellington Farmer's Market on Saturdays and Picton Town Hall Farmer's Market on Sundays.

• Book a pampering session at The Main Character PEC, Bloomfield Beauty Co, or The Royal Hotel Spa

• Go kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding down Black Creek (just 10 minutes from The Wilfrid) by renting equipment and starting from the dock at Cabin Fever Kayak

• Hike the Dunes, walk the beaches and forest trails at Sandbanks Provincial Park. Be sure to pre-book your day-use parking and print your parking slip before heading out to Sandbanks.

• Have a soul session with horses here or ride like a cowboy here

• Listen to County Radio at 99.3 fm for the latest news and fun radio shows, our non-for-profit volunteer run radio station.


• Follow @visitthecounty on Instagram for updates on happenings


• Go for a walk on our forest trail behind our property, along the Millenium Trail or on Macauley Mountain.


• Watch the sunset from the big barn or the firepit on our property.

• Practice your golf swing (or swing for the first time) in an indoor virtual golf course or tee-off at an actual course at The Picton Golf Club.

• Find your way out of a WWII Escape Room in a WWII barrack

• See The County from the water and learn to sail while you're at it!

• Book a wine tour with, , or


• Check out the exhibitions at Maison de Poivre GalleryOeno Gallery, Andara Gallery, Mad Dog Gallery, Melt Studio, or Hatch Gallery


• Encourage small independent businesses along Picton, Bloomfield and Wellington Main streets.


• On Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, grab a coffee and pastry from PECish


• Pet an alpaca at SHED Chetwyn or Noble Beast Farms

• Tour a former WWII army base at Base 31, visit art galleries, grab a bite, take an illuminated art night walk, attend a night art market, or catch a live music show there


• Drop in to the County Arts Labs and learn a new passion


• Catch a live show or a movie at the historic Regent Theatre or watch a movie under the stars at The Mustang Drive-In

• Book a yoga or pilates session at Studio PEC in Picton or feel the vibrations of a reiki or yoga session in a yurt.


• Find which special events are taking place during your visit.


• Slow down, relax and smile at people you see along the way.


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